Lifting Others As We Grow

‘Lifting others as we grow’ is the Mighty Girls’ motto and my aim is to help them build strong bonds of sisterhood and encourage them to speak out not only on issues that directly impact them but also others in their roles as global citizens with a voice.

This week, we started planning our second food drive for a local food bank that supports families in the lead up to Christmas. Winter can be particularly hard for those who are struggling financially as they may be forced to decide between a hot meal and turning the heating on. By teaching the girls about food banks, who they support and how they are run, they deepen their empathy and are galvanised into doing what they can.

Last year, the Mighty Girls collected 52kg of food to be packed into Christmas hampers for local families and this year they are determined to donate even more!

So, if your Mighty Girl is looking to reach out and help others during this time of giving, a quick online search can help you find your local food bank drop off point (they can often be found in supermarkets).

Christmas Tins


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